'Pimp' your table! Upcycled mirror mosaic tabletop

So i had a broken mirror... and a 'boring' plain white table! Put them together and 'Voila!' This is my how to pimp up your table! 

I am such a hoarder, i have just about everything you may need for a craft project! My mirror unfortunately broke a while ago (nearly two years ago!) It has been sat in the garden ready to be upcycled into something else. So i finally decided to do it!! You can also create this by purchasing mirror tiles!

  1.  Find an old table to cover or you can purchase them fairly cheaply online, or from IKEA. This table is a Lack table from IKEA about £5. 

2. Purchase a tile adhesive spreader (about £2) a tile scribe ( about £2 to cut the mirror) and grout spreader (£2ish) and tile adhesive and grout. I bought a pot which doubled as grout and adhesive to save money. This was about £4. I used a lot more then i thought i would so definitely grab a pot. 

3. Cut as many mirror pieces as you can. I did it as i went along, but it would be better to cut first, and then put the bits together. Which ever you prefer. They don't need to be perfect but make sure you have a variety of shapes and sizes. Use the scribe on the back on the mirror, make and incision and then snap it along the line. Be careful as the pieces are very sharp! I cut myself several times, maybe gloves would be a good idea!

4. Spread the adhesive onto the table using the spreader. Start placing the pieces onto the table fitting them together as close as possible, but leaving a small gap to grout. Only spread the adhesive in small areas so it doesn't dry quicker then you are placing the mirror pieces.


5. Cover the whole table. I used straight pieces along the edge once the middle has been filled, and then filled between the middle and the edge gaps. Use the smaller pieces of mirror to fill in gaps where the pieces don't meet so closely. If you are using mirror tiles you can be more precise with you shapes if you wish. I however was using bits as they had broken, and cutting smaller bits from larger pieces of broken mirror. 

6. Leave to dry as instructions on the adhesive. Mine was 24 hours not that i left it that long as far too impatient! 

7. Grout the mirror tiles using the spreader. Make sure you fill the gaps as much as possible, and scrape as much as you can off of the tiles so it is easier to clean when set. 

8. When the grout has dried, scrape off the excess and clean. It may have sharp edges so you may want to add a glass top, or resin over the mirror pieces so ensure smoothness. 

9. Finished! You may want to paint your table, or add extra accessories or designs! Take a look at other designs but other people. There are lots of great upcycled tables around! 

Maternity pictures (for yourself....!)

So i thought since i take maternity photos for other people, and i love them, i'd give it a go for myself for some keepsakes! With my first baby i had some photos taken, and it cost a lot of money, but i love comparing and looking back at them! I didn't want to look back and think, why didn't i get some this time also! 

Firstly i was being a bit of a cheapskate, why pay someone else when i can take them myself. Secondly i can experiment a little further then perhaps i would feel comfortable with another photographer! Wow how hard it is to complete this for yourself!

One of the issues is taking the pictures yourself. Ok, i thought that shouldn't be too hard. I'll line my camera up, on a tripod and use a remote to take the picture. Simple. Well theory being it should of been, but without being able to see the picture first you can't see if you are lined up correctly. Generally not a massive issue as you can crop it, however when it chops half of your head or body off... mmmm not so great. I also found that the angle wasn't always correct, or a great angle. For instance from down below.. making your face look rounder then an orange, plus i have a large head anyway, oh and the double chin! Without constantly being able to check the screen well it was a bit of a disaster!

 Chopped off head and wrong perspective!! 

Chopped off head and wrong perspective!! 

Secondly... who likes photos of themselves generally anyway.... It wasn't very nice looking at yourself. I must admit i hadn't really looked in the mirror properly, or seen a photograph of myself since being pregnant (or before to be fair as i tend to avoid it!) The pounds i have piled on, the swelling and the mishap outfit. Not very flattering, or attractive! It completely put me off and ruined the experience having to look at myself! I was planning on adding my partner into a further photoshoot at some point. I think i may avoid that one now! 

On the plus side.. i did get some beautiful shots of my daughter! There were a few ok shots of me and Freya also, shame i couldn't be more supermodel like but at least ill have a few pictures for a keepsake.  Here are a few of the better examples of my maternity shoot. I love the lighting in the photos. natural lighting is so much more pretty. Hopefully baby will make an arrival soon so i can get some newborn shots too! I did consider photoshopping it, but why? Everyone would know thats not me!  

Sophie x



Make100: Mindfulness Month Kickstarter Project

I have always had a strong interest in art therapy, and mindfulness throughout my studies at university. It became apparent throughout these studies that happiness, and resilience is all about perception. It is down to the individual and how they see there circumstances, and how their perception can be altered to see the positive side.


To continue with this theme, to inspire myself and others, and to develop my typography skills i started the Mindfulness Month. This coincided with Kickstarter's Make 100 project, which seemed a great combination. The project is to make a 100 limited editions of something. I decided to make 100 sets of a month's worth of quotes to aid mindfulness. 


You can purchase the illustrations through rewards. They vary from a set of business card sizes, to postcard size, or maybe a smaller selection of 10. The ultimate piece is the glass frame that, you can interchange the postcards on the wall, a constant reminder for you to look at and keep your perception fresh. 

Support my project please here! >>>>> Make100: A month of Mindfulness

I will be adding more illustrations to the project page, and aim to add a video also so keep checking it out!


For the past few months i have been working on a project i have named 'Syreal'. The project is for my final piece for my Illustration degree. The title is 'Syreal' because of 'Syria' and 'Surreal' combined summarise my project. The project is to raise awareness for the Syrian refugee children currently living in refugee camps, and to help raise money for their education. I will be creating an animation to bring a digital awareness through social media and the web. I am also passionate about the effects of art, and art therapy and art effect on our wellbeing. This has influenced the second part of my project. I am creating a fantasy world (hence the surreal) for the children to escape their reality for a moment, and to encourage them to be kids. I am also trying to encourage creativity and inspire their imagination. You can find out more about my project and its progress by heading over to the 'Syreal' page which will give you more information.