The Arches open studios and Red Hot Press

Yesterday i visited the open studios at The Arches in Southampton, and then onto the Red Hot Press Exhibition. I didn't actually realise they were next to each other when i planned to visit them which was so much easier. Trying to find the arches was a little difficult as they are a little hidden but was definitely worth visiting! I visited the Eastleigh, Sorting Office studios a little while ago, which i was throughly inspired by, so this prompted my to attend this one also. 

The studios are in the arches of the bridge, hence the name. It definitely has an underground art feel when you walk in. After attending the Sorting Office, the work is a lot different which surprised me, i thought it would be very similar. It was amazing how all the artist's work was very different, and didn't seem to cross over particularly.

I attended with my sister, we had fun interacting with the UV room. It was a dark room with UV torches, and a chalk board with UV chalk. I spoke to a few of the resident Artists and it was great to see how they approached 'art' in various ways.

I loved the pin ups by Jemimah Canegrati. She painted portraits but also, offered a service of painting your portrait as a pin up.  


I spoke to Pauline Pratt who worked a lot with biomedical science art, which was an interesting take on producing art. I find it quite fascinating using science to produce art. 

Peter Symonds from FibonARTcci captivated me with his project ' What does 1 Million look like?' He explained he wanted to see what it would look like with people, so to recreate it they blew up 10,000 balloons. Have a look on his website there is a video, and more information regarding his project. All the balloons after they were popped were kept, and filled into another balloon. Its quite big! He was explaining that he was going to fill all the balloons into resin! Sounds great, i cannot wait to see that!

My favourite had to be the Illustrators Biscuit Collective though. Unfortunately i didn't get the opportunity to speak to them but their studio space, and work was so colourful and creative. I loved the fluffy balls hanging from the ceiling and creative drawings all over the walls. Unfortunately i didn't get a picture of their studio! I did however purchase one of their books 0-10. You can also see some of their work on their website, which i don't think does them justice. They have colour, graffiti/contemporary style work. Lots going on, which i am a massive fan of. 


I then popped over to Red Hot Press. They offer their facilities to members to create prints, and also run workshops. It was great to discover them and use them in the future! I loved seeing all the different print techniques. I particularly loved the collagraph which i hadn't heard of before! The texture, and embossing it produced was really eye catching. 




I look forward to attending more exhibitions! Keep your eye out for the next ones (i saw them on Facebook!)