For the past few months i have been working on a project i have named 'Syreal'. The project is for my final piece for my Illustration degree. The title is 'Syreal' because of 'Syria' and 'Surreal' combined summarise my project. The project is to raise awareness for the Syrian refugee children currently living in refugee camps, and to help raise money for their education. I will be creating an animation to bring a digital awareness through social media and the web. I am also passionate about the effects of art, and art therapy and art effect on our wellbeing. This has influenced the second part of my project. I am creating a fantasy world (hence the surreal) for the children to escape their reality for a moment, and to encourage them to be kids. I am also trying to encourage creativity and inspire their imagination. You can find out more about my project and its progress by heading over to the 'Syreal' page which will give you more information.