Make100: Mindfulness Month Kickstarter Project

I have always had a strong interest in art therapy, and mindfulness throughout my studies at university. It became apparent throughout these studies that happiness, and resilience is all about perception. It is down to the individual and how they see there circumstances, and how their perception can be altered to see the positive side.


To continue with this theme, to inspire myself and others, and to develop my typography skills i started the Mindfulness Month. This coincided with Kickstarter's Make 100 project, which seemed a great combination. The project is to make a 100 limited editions of something. I decided to make 100 sets of a month's worth of quotes to aid mindfulness.

You can purchase the illustrations through rewards. They vary from a set of business card sizes, to postcard size, or maybe a smaller selection of 10. The ultimate piece is the glass frame that, you can interchange the postcards on the wall, a constant reminder for you to look at and keep your perception fresh. 

Support my project please here! >>>>> Make100: A month of Mindfulness

I will be adding more illustrations to the project page, and aim to add a video also so keep checking it out!